Let's see, what is Madrid Nightowls?

Madrid Nightowls is a late night coworking club. We are an open group of ambitious, hard-working people who just have too much to do for the standard 9 to 5 lifestyle.

The usual suspects are people with a regular day job, using their free time to push forward their side project or big idea. More often than not, this free time is available only during the night. In fact this is the most productive time for many: no clients calling or mailing, there are no distractions, the city is in silence, Facebook is dead, everybody is offline on Skype... But of course, you are alone. Wouldn't it be great to meet other night owls like you, once a week, as passionate about their projects as you, and get inspired?

Nightowls was born in New York, the city that never sleeps. Soon many other big metropolis followed. Now it's time for Madrid!

I still don't get it, what do people do there?

Working!, mainly. In anything they want. You might be a journalist that writes better in the night, a programmer developing the next killer app, a designer getting inspired only by Nyx, an entrepreneur for which the day is not enough to empower his start-up... sounds familiar?

And with so many like minded people, collaboration appears naturally. If you need help with your project or are looking for collaborators that share your circadian rythm, in the Nightowls you will find people willing to give you a hand.

In the night you say? When? What time?

Every Tuesday, our hours are 22:00 to 4:00, or until the last man standing :).

Sounds interesting. Where is it happening?

The location is confirmed before each meeting (check up Meetup!!)

Wait a minute, this must cost money, right?

No! Attentance is completely free, you only have to RSVP. We do advice to bring some cash, so we can order pizzas or any kind of fuel. And of course, feel free to bring anything you want for sharing!

I won't miss it! What do I have to do?

You just have to join our Meetup group at https://www.meetup.com/Madrid-Nightowls/ and book a spot. Don't forget your laptop: there will be WiFi, chairs, tables, coffee and a great atmosphere. We accept moleskines as well in case you are of the analog perversion.

Space is very limited, so we have to enforce a very strict guest list. You will only be able to access the venue if you are on the list. If you booked a spot and find later that it's going to be impossible for you to attend, we beg you to cancel your booking so the spot will be free for the next night owl.

See you in the night...